Las Vegas headlining performer, "MagicAL" Jensen brings his unique sense of humor to the stage in the "MagicAL Experience".  Al combines his lifelong love of the magical arts with his unique innate sense of humor to leave audiences of all ages not only laughing, but thoroughly amazed.  First appearing on stage in the 6th grade, Al has entertained audiences of all ages for more years than he can count.  His exceptional blend of comedy and magic take each audience on a laugh-filled journey of amazement and pure enjoyment.  MagicAL is in demand at various theaters, showrooms and corporate events throughout Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

     As host and co-producer of the popular "Sex and Money" AM Radio talk show, his "BigAL" comedy persona touches tens of thousands of Las Vegas radio listeners each weekday. 

     When not on stage or on the radio, Al teaches stage performance and comedy techniques to entertainers in two unique workshops programs he's developed.

     As the former President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians in Las Vegas and a finalist in the 2007 America's Funniest Magician competition, Big MagicAL Jensen is the complete package when it comes to entertaining diverse and demanding audiences of all ages.

      The "MagicAL Experience" features 90+ minutes of fun-filled comedy magic material.  The act can be configured into shows of any length, from a 7 minute opening act, to a full blown 90 minute evening of MagicAL entertainment.

     Shows are inherently delivered in a 100% family friendly version, but an "adults only", (or anything in-between) version is available upon client request.  With every MagicAL stage show, the focus is on delivering a memorable experience for all attendees.  As Al customizes each show for the audience demographic, it's a sure bet this Las Vegas favorite will deliver huge ratings!

    The MagicAL Experience is booking agent friendly.